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Levi-Strauss, however, focuses on questions of individual creation, esthetic emotion, theories of signification in Western and indigenous art forms as well as art's ontology.
Lingual appliances may be used for the esthetically conscientious patient, however Invisalign is equally esthetic with the added benefit of being removable and comfortable.
Expert oncology esthetician, author, and founder of Health Challenged Esthetics (HCE) Morag Currin has developed the Morag Currin Method of Oncology Esthetics, which enables licensed skin care professionals, through training and certification, to deliver effective treatments to clients with health-challenged skin.
To claim that Still/Here represents a monstrous conflation of the existential condition of the person with AIDS and the esthetic conventions that determine his or her "identity" as an actor in an AIDs-related performance is barely credible from a critic of such sophistication and experience.
Here, the refuge of what Yve-Alain Bois has aptly titled Fontana's "base materialism" appears as the only possible answer to the increasingly evident erosion of the esthetic by the heteronomies of spectacle: fashion and design.
Stockholder's attempts to transcend the boundaries of painting recall Robert Rauschenberg's formal and esthetic intentions.
The reading of Homemade Esthetics is most profitable when attuned to this spirit.