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There is a statistically significant difference of gingival esthetic knowledge amongst house surgeons, general dental practitioners and specialist.
Gordan, AA Hanna, IA Mjor, Esthetic dentistry in North American Dental schools, (c) J Can Dent Assoc 2004; 70(4): 230-d.
Key for Wiseman is the resonance these esthetic "digressions" have with the texts' central anthropological arguments.
In this way, Wiseman paints a portrait of an anthropologist deeply embedded in esthetic thought.
The patient was treated in 10 months with an esthetic and removable treatment modality.
Conclusions: Both cases show nice results meeting the orthodontists' treatment goals as well as providing an esthetic treatment modality.
At the same time - and more important - it seemed to rescue the definition of the esthetic as irrational, and as one of the last socially legitimate forms to articulate spirituality and metaphysical aspiration.
To claim that Still/Here represents a monstrous conflation of the existential condition of the person with AIDS and the esthetic conventions that determine his or her "identity" as an actor in an AIDs-related performance is barely credible from a critic of such sophistication and experience.
Here, the refuge of what Yve-Alain Bois has aptly titled Fontana's "base materialism" appears as the only possible answer to the increasingly evident erosion of the esthetic by the heteronomies of spectacle: fashion and design.
2] Whatever discipline, however, a esthetics finds itself to be a branch of, the same problems tend to recur, such as the nature and defining characteristics of art, the meaning works of art are said to have, how they may be judged, valued or interpreted, the nature of imagination and of creativity, the kinds of experience offered by art, &C, though naturally the approach to them is determined by the host discipline concerned.
The reading of Homemade Esthetics is most profitable when attuned to this spirit.