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Download Lions Clubs International D.351 honors NNA Director in recognition of her estimable efforts NNA - Governor of "Lions Clubs International D.351- Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine" Fadi Ghanem honored National News Agency (NNA) Director, Laure Sleiman Saab, and several mediamen at "Le Royal" Hotel in Beirut, in recognition of their unwavering efforts in the advancement of the media sector.
Bilbo Baggins famously announced that "Alas, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and estimable hobbits!" at his 111th birthday party before vanishing into thin air at the beginning of the "Fellowship of the Ring," the first book in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy (yes, the Peter Jackson movies were great, but read the books by J.R.R.
The 6-month durable response rate was 30.6% (95% CI, 20.9%-40.3%), and the median duration of response has not yet been reached (range, from 2.8 to 23.3+ months; 95% CI, 18.0-not estimable).
While conversing with the CM Punjab, Chinese Consul General said that his diligent work and speedy execution of projects was being acknowledged in China as well and his considerable role in successful execution of CPEC projects in Punjab was estimable.
Gold-colored Roman numerals, markers, and hands provide estimable legibility, while a moon-phase indicator geared with 59 teeth provides an accurate representation of waxing and waning.
you are the shopper, and you are inquiring regarding shopping for their services that got to be estimable and consistent enkindle a list of the merchandise they decide to use on your home.
HM the King expressed admiration for the copy of the Holy Quran and his appreciation of the estimable present.
Le reste de la troupe est parfaitement estimable ou chaque concurrent engage aura des arguments a faire valoir au sprint final dans une epreuve extremement ouverte ou l'on se bousculera au portillon lors du declenchement des hostilites meme si, au demeurant, la gagne finale devrait se jouer sur le papier entre la femelle Bai de 6 ans, Rive de Sersou, qui reste sur une tres belle performance et dont l'interet que lui accorde le talentueux jockey S.
The estimable Hal Willner produces and Bill Frisell features among the musicians with keen understanding of the glee, rage and humour in Burroughs' deadpan delivery and mercurial words.
The last attempt to extend enforcement of decent homes to the private sector that I can trace was made by the estimable Laura Sandys MP in a private member's bill introduced in January last year.
Indeed, her new novel, The Little Red Chairs--her first in a decade-may be the fiercest work of her estimable career.