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Adjusted earnings came in at $1.69, beating estimates by 4 cents.
"The advance estimates of gross state domestic product (GSDP) at current prices in the year 2018-19 is provisionally estimated at Rs 2,37,147 crore, showing a growth rate of 10.34 per cent over the estimates of GSDP for the year 2017-18, which is Rs 2,14,933 crore provisional estimates," the statement said.
Due to the nature of this event, including the complexity of loss assessment, factors contributing to the losses and the preliminary nature of the information available to prepare this estimate, the actual net ultimate amount of losses for this event may be materially different from this current estimate.
Although auditors or specialists may provide advice and guidance, like to the financial statements in general, accounting estimates are ultimately the responsibility of management.
BEA produces quarterly and annual estimates of GDP and GDI in a series of vintages-current quarterly estimates, annual revision estimates, and comprehensive revision estimates.
The operation for the transposition in value expression of the project is based on the execution plans and drawings, on signs of estimate's rules and prices of currencies.
FEI staff was satisfied that their earlier cost estimates were on target.
lowered its operating profit estimate to 510 billion yen from 520 billion yen, while leaving its group net profit estimate unchanged at 310 billion yen and sales estimate at 3.05 trillion yen.
Choice of Accounting Policies -- Accounting policies chosen and accounting estimates made can have a significant effect on a company's reported financial statements.
As long as the estimation process is reasonable, CPAs can't conclude a control deficiency exists when the actual amount is compared with the estimate, regardless of how large the variance given that a better estimate was not possible.
On February 9, the Bush administration released estimates that a new federal program to provide prescription drug coverage to Medicare recipients would cost $724 billion over the next 10 years.
Respondents were asked to provide their estimates of the percentage of psychologists who had certain demographic characteristics.