estimated value

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This represents the estimated value depending on which bids will be assessed.
Statements in this release regarding the estimated values of the base period and the total contract are based on the assumption that inmate collect calling will continue at current levels.
Because the pricing and volumes may change, and the agreement may not continue for the full contract term, including extension years, the estimated value is not guaranteed.
Statements in this release regarding the estimated value of the contract are predicated on the assumption that the actual costs of performance will be consistent with the currently estimated costs.
Estimated value excluding VAT: 332 750 RON- 607750 RON (the minimum interval or 332750 RON represents the estimated value of this procedure according to which it will develop and evaluate bids and the maximum value of the range, ie 607750 RON, which represents the total estimated value Estimated value excluding VAT: between 332,750 and 607,750 RON
Estimated value / batch excluding VAT (give figures only): between 410,640 lei and 849,600 lei
Engagement with Estimated Value of US$18 Million (AUS$24 Million) Over Three Years Will Transfer Management of International IT Infrastructure to Unisys
Procurement Equipment for the Project Restoration and Sustainable Cultural Heritage and Setting Up Modernization of Related Infrastructure Brancovenesc Assembly Area Potlogi Smis Code 14652 Lot 1 - Furniture and Signage Museum Lot 2 - Office Furniture and Sanitary Facilities Lot 3 - Features Garden Lot 4 - Electrical Equipment, Audio and It Lot 5 - System Alarm Control Video Surveillance Estimated Value of the Acquisition Is 2,160,027.
Estimated Value Excluding Vat: Lot 1 (Clothing) - Minimum and Maximum 525,053.
The initial task order placed under the contract has an estimated value of $8 million.

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