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National Park Service staff from all regions will access Timberline's estimating software from a central server located in the agency's main Washington, D.
Timberline Estimating comes in Standard and Extended Editions and provides fast, accurate takeoff tools, a variety of ways to view and analyze the estimate, presentation-quality reports and a direct transfer of the estimate into Timberline's construction accounting software.
Simultaneous, shared access to RSMeans estimating data online.
When estimating projects out-of-town (more than six hours of travel time) and staffing the project with the organization's equipment and personnel, evaluate using sub-contractors for certain portions of the work vs.
We are interested primarily in estimating the association between A(t) and survival, [beta], while treating as nuisance parameters the underlying hazard functions,
The Court did not say that Fior D'Italia's method was not acceptable and did not rule out the use of other reasonably accurate methods for estimating tips, leaving employers to develop other methods more suitable to their particular situation.
Companies reporting such accruals were asked to specify the nature of events or costs being accrued and the method for estimating future liabilities.
First, we gave primacy to physical output and capacity data in estimating indexes of sustainable annual capacity.
If segment shortages can be identified from a statistical sampling and verified through expanded counts of those segments, and a method of estimating those shortages during the period from the last count to the year-end can be established, a taxpayer may be able to protect his actual shrinkage deduction and continue to qualify for the shrinkage estimate deduction.
Congress was sympathetic to the problems inherent in accurately estimating corporate taxes, stating that --
Easy Estimate simplifies the construction estimating process by helping contractors stay organized and easily create professional estimates, to impress prospective customers and win more jobs.

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