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[17, 18] Raizde et al 2013 in their results show that total values less than 50 ridges of total fingerprints associated with breast cancer, while higher values of total ridges (above 100) are more common in healthy subjects indicating that lower values of total number of ridges can be associated with the risk of developing breast cancer, but no statistical significance for the values of this parameter has been recorded in our research and such has no estimative value.
When analyzing the consistency of the results, it can be observed that the estimative of parameters regarding the signal and magnitude were significant and coherent with the economic theory adapted to the beta model.
Table-1 illustrates the relative deviation for estimatives using both methods.
Estimative cost information arises from target costing and the process may be used for the amendment of various features when their value is not consistent with the anticipated costs of production.
The MTS includes levels of priority, color to be assigned, and an estimative of waiting time for medical care.
[[beta].sub.v] Estimative CI (95%) (Intercept) [[beta].sub.0v] 2.24917 (1.34704; 3.15129) Arapongas [[beta].sub.1v] 0.13855 (-0.89352; 1.17061) Bianchi [[beta].sub.2v] -1.70849 (-2.80083; -0.61615) EEL [[beta].sub.3v] -0.54300 (-1.56907; 0.48307) IAC [[beta].sub.4v] -2.05454 (-3.18594; -0.92315) IAC 2000 [[beta].sub.5v] -2.05454 (-3.18594; -0.92315) N58 [[beta].sub.6v] -1.09784 (-2.14350; -0.05218) N59 [[beta].sub.7v] -1.09784 (-2.14350; -0.05218) Olimpia [[beta].sub.8v] -0.95581 (-1.99441; 0.08280) Limao Cravo [[beta].sub.9v] -3.63153 (-4.53108; -2.73199) Tangerina [[beta].sub.lOv] -1.77199 (-2.46022; -1.08376) Cleopatra Tangerina [[beta].sub.11V] -1.93578 (-2.63218; -1.23938) Sunki Table 4.
de Oliveira et al., "Chromium oxide use as a marker for measuring fecal production of grazing cattle: estimative variations due to sampling schedule," Ciencia Rural, vol.
Modeling of the Equation for the Estimative of UV Radiation in Minute Scale.
Le ministre de l'Industrie et des Mines a affirme que ce texte de loi s'appuie sur le principe de la declaration estimative pour permettre aux entreprises de beneficier des mesures de soutien.
estimative ("What is likely to happen in Afghanistan over the next six
It draws on existing prediction methodologies used in organizational planning and problem solving, science and engineering, law, and economics to make intelligence predictions, and details defining the intelligence issue; conceptual frameworks and models for intelligence analysis; understanding denial, deception, and signaling; systems, network, and geospatial and temporal modeling and analysis; and the estimative process, its methodology, forces that shape future events and situations, and how to apply scenario creation and simulation modeling.
The astringency (protein-precipitation property) depends on the concentration and on the composition of tannins on plant leaf (Haslam, 1988) thus, astringency should be proportional to tannin concentration and provide a good estimative of defence.