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Et Seq.

An abbreviation for the Latin et sequentes or et sequentia, meaning "and the following."

The phrase et seq. is used in references made to particular pages or sections of cases, articles, regulations, or statutes to indicate that the desired information is continued on the pages or in the sections following a designated page or section, as "p. 238 et seq." or "section 43 et seq."

The abbreviation et seq. is sometimes used to denote a reference to more than one following page or section.


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et seq.

(et seek) n. abbreviation for the Latin phrase et sequentes meaning "and the following." It is commonly used by lawyers to include numbered lists, pages or sections after the first number is stated, as in "the rules of the road are found in Vehicle Code Section 1204, et seq."

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et seq.

abbreviation for et sequentes (‘and those following’).
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