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com)-- 2013 Research Report on Global and China Etched Foil Industry was a professional and depth research report on Global and China Etched Foil (High and Low Voltage Etched Foil) Industry.
To see details of the matrix microstructure, specimens must be etched, with most standards recommending three etchants.
They can not only etch straight down through material without drifting sideways, but also discriminate between silicon and silicon-oxide targets -- so one gets etched and not the other.
The trick is to match the lens material, which bends the light, with the appropriate etched pattern.
Trikon Technologies Inc (Nasdaq:TRKN), a technology leader in semiconductor processing equipment, today announced that one of its Omega(R) 201 M0RI(TM) high density plasma etch systems has successfully etched 0.