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The artists are sticking to the old barbarous, difficult, and imperfect processes of etching and portrait painting merely to keep up the value of their monopoly of the required skill.
Erskine," added Trefusis, lowering his voice, and turning to the poet, "you are wrong to take part with hucksters and money-hunters against your own nature, even though the attack upon them is led by a man who prefers photography to etching.
We were looking at some etchings when you came in," said Sir Charles, hastening to break the silence.
Tenders are invited for One system for silicon deep reactive ion etching
Etching was not a medium that Rembrandt shared with others.
Achieving a major milestone in the history of the 700 Series system, the TI delivery marks the 100th 700 Series chamber delivered in the US for etching sub .
After the specimen has been prepared using either traditional or contemporary procedures, it should be examined in the as-polished condition before etching.
Deep silicon etching is required for MEMS fabrication because it delivers high-aspect-ratio etching at fast etch rates.
Four months ago, as part of a flurry of research aimed at understanding and harnessing photoluminescence in acid-etched silicon, scientists demonstrated they could use light to control the degree of etching and, consequently, the character of the resulting porous silicon (SN:2/15/92, p.
today announced its new Applied Opus([TM] )AdvantEdge([TM] )Metal Etch, the industry's fastest, most advanced system for etching sub-70nm aluminum interconnects in leading-edge Flash and DRAM memory devices.
After preparation, the first step with cast iron is to examine the as-polished specimen before etching to properly view the graphite phase.
Relatively shallow etching (up to 50mu m) of silicon or polysilicon on a buried insulator like SiO(2) is a typical step in surface micromachined devices such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, micromotors, and microgears.