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Therefore firstly, he rejects the immortality as continuation of life after death and says: "Not only there is no guarantee for Immortality and eternality of human soul meaning the eternal survival of the soul after death, but also this assumption doesn't fulfill by no means what they wanted to achieve.
Of course, it should not be surprising that some of the more conservative groups that hold other views that seem to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Judaism--such as support for converting Jews to Christianity--would simultaneously insist on the eternality of the covenant in order to minimize an apparent paradox between affirming the biblical covenant and wanting Jews to become Christian.
Wordsworth's coda does, admittedly, function as a kind of wish fulfillment by trying to impose a philosophical eternality about the Hericlitean flux of the poem, made more acute and poignant through the stark rendering of that transience in the visual imagery.
If God's intent was to open the door to the eternality of existence through this Christ, has that, too, been altered or negated or denied by the years 1933-45, more specifically, 1939-45, and the death camps that, even today, continue to puncture and mar the landscape of Europe, most especially in Poland?
He has ascertained that reason, while pragmatic and useful in the mastery of humanity's environment, cannot produce an argument for the eternality of justice.
18) From at least the time that Augustine articulated his unrivaled analysis of time, orthodox Christian thought marked a radical departure from paganism in interpreting eternality in terms not of endless time but of God's timelessness.
The eternality of the cosmos is borrowed and a reflection of an eternal God and His eternal agency as creator in the higher world of intelligibles.
Similarly the Islamic concept of human rights is factually based on eternality and sanctity.
For Giusti, Rome should have embodied both imperial and spiritual eternality.
She takes advantage of word properties that fail to secure the eternality they seem to promise.
Yet, compelled by the Scriptures, we have no right to minimize the eternality of this state by placing limits on it or by seeing the warnings as conditional, pedagogically motivated statements.
Even so, D'Angelo's anxiety about preserving the eternality of his video image in "real life" reveals not only how television, as Virginia Blum writes, is "luring us into a world of simulacra from which there is no escape" (255), but also how U.