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The parallels between falling snow and the shifting, inchoate motions inherent in the movement of imagination or dream understandably compelled him, but so did the analogy to language the human impulse to eternalize the moment in a breathless swirl of words that then necessarily dissolve.
His Majesty the Sultan praised Allah the Almighty for the plentiful bounties with which He has endowed Oman, praying to Allah to eternalize these riches for Oman and its people.
He accused America of striving to eternalize Israel's occupation of Shabaa and pledged to carry on with party Jihad to liberate them and recover our rights in our pure economic oil and natural gas zone.
It would create security issues in the West Bank and eternalize the occupation where it is.
All across Germany, memorials have been erected to eternalize the lives that were lost under the Nazi regime.
So a subaltern perspective of economy of life begins with their refusal to be victims and their nerve to expose the structural sin and injustice that eternalize death and destruction.
order to eternalize it (end quote) nor will I offer even one penny
In addition to the ways that those legends could entice people to the site, religious legends not only helped to create a sacred site but also to eternalize it, thus repeatedly and maximally projecting its charms from the center outwards to the periphery and down to posterity.
56-58) discusses the discursive operations by which ideologies that serve specific interests seek to universalize and eternalize themselves.
In "Ode on a Grecian urn," which itself seeks to eternalize spring, the poet is doing something similar but the impossibility of conjoining the actual and the imagined, the hard fact and soft dream, leave both persona and reader curiously short of fulfilment.
On the other hand, most of the writers are shying away from tackling the conflict with Israel from the angle of it being a pretext and an excuse used by the tyrannical authorities in order to eternalize their stay in power.
Tusk expressed hope that the park, which was the first place in Turkey to eternalize the name of Chopin, would serve as a place that bring people and music together and host cultural activities.