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The restraint which holds the totality tendency in check is basically fear, fear of life and of death, for it is precisely this that determines the urge to eternalize oneself in one's work.
But they are also, in context, the lines that a portraitist uses to eternalize the features of a sitter, and they are, most fundamentally, the lines of poetry.
Perhaps it is this irrepressible desire to eternalize the present before it lapses into the past that surfaces as the creative?
The groaning of creation exposes the structural sin and injustices that eternalize death and destruction in our communities.
Two connected birds eternalize love in this perfect piece for back-to-school, anniversary or just to brighten someone's day.
Behind the idea of a particular model of growth was the belief that a sensibly ordered state could somehow capture and eternalize the fruits of economic success.
Although the courses offered are quite different, however it is seen as appropriate in the teaching objectives of the Islamic faith which aim to eternalize the Islamic faith in the hearts of the students and reject the confusion surrounding them (Mohd Fauzi, 2007).
At this level, Khaled Fahmy's book "All the Pasha's men" - in which he explained the social structure of the Egyptian army during the days of Mehmed Ali - is probably a key tool to break the legendary aura with which the armed forces surrounded themselves, while using their abstinence to succumb to the restraints imposed on the other Egyptian institutions to eternalize their branched out control.
In line with Adorno's understanding of the essay, my attempt is not so much to distill what is eternal from the transitory as to eternalize what is transitory.
Hundreds of press photographers will eternalize you as you carry out this act.
order to eternalize it (end quote) nor will I offer even one penny
Considered the father of the modern prose poem, Bertrand made every concession possible to eternalize his name and text, Gaspard de la Nuit (1842).