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One mother obsessed eternally over the beautiful color of her lovely child's skin; another (very complex and bright) young man was first adopted and then disowned because he claimed his culture and the skin he's in; and yet another Native American woman was outright abused, and there was not respect or sensitivity to her culture by her adopted mother whatsoever
In their view, God is simply too merciful to eternally damn even the most wicked of people.
Paul Thomas will be eternally grateful for the hunger that led him to his corner shop for corn flakes - and a pounds 100,000 lotto win.
The eternally pouting Victoria Beckham, who could give a master-class in how not to be famous, would be the least popular guest, alongside Margaret Thatcher.
Herndon's warning has been ignored by dozens of eureka-peddlers who have, over the years, hawked one single- answer solution after another to the cloud hanging eternally over Lincoln's head.
I must confess that I am eternally grateful to be an Anglican.
In Francesca Lia Block's new novel, the eternally optimistic punk pixie faces a midlife crisis when her romance with My Secret Agent Lover Man cools.
The one who says that the ray is a body [has two choices]: (i) either he should prove the existence of vacuum--[and] in that case what you say will not apply to him--or (ii) he should say that the ray exists in the sphere eternally, along with the air in it.
the response might be found not with recourse to "timeless" truths but, at least in part, in the eternally returning traumatic eruption of the new(s), which survives, passes over, even as it is effaced.
I'm eternally grateful to people like Gary Stager for bravely standing up and protesting "phony science-based" programs.
There is a Judgement in which all persons will be rewarded or punished eternally.
Then Noah reads from their notebook a story of love that is eternally optimistic.