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In the future, I hope that the young generation could be aware with the issues around us, we need a real action and contribution for a better life', said Rivia (Public Relations Student and Project Manager Eternity 2017)
Eternity said it intends to build a cell storage, transformation and application facility in Tongren, Guizhou Province, China, that will utilise the proprietary biotechnology developed by Shenzhen Zoken biotechnology Co.
The iconic strength of the Limited Edition Classic Hand-Crafted Spinning Rare White & Natural Fancy Color Diamond Eternity Band Design(s) are synonymous with CDGI's Design Studio's unparalleled craftsmanship.
The New Testament clearly teaches that only those who believe Jesus is the Son of God will spend eternity in heaven.
Aimee Crosby came home to find the gold eternity ring passed down from her mum, Pauline - who died from breast cancer when Aimee was 10 - had been taken.
The Eternity Power plant is the first of its kind, in the world, and uses waste heat from the convertor cooling circuit at the Anglo American Platinum Waterval Smelter.
Eternity Technologies is a leader in the 2V motive market, with a brand new state-of-the-art facility in the UAE, and a global customer base that includes several worldwide material handling equipment suppliers.
gone now, his son's not found the waters of eternity.
Ed, 46, who made The Brothers McMullen is promoting Eternity Night Calvin Klein for Men.
Women's fragrance offerings include: An Illusion of Curve, An Illusion of Viva La Juicy, An Illusion of Eternity, An Illusion of Tommy Girl and An Illusion of Flowerbomb.
Eternity Healthcare, a medical device company, has signed a letter of intent with PharmaNova, a specialty drug development company.
To save philosophy from this fate, he seeks to integrate theory and practice by illuminating the relationship between the awareness of our time-bound individuality and peculiar experience of eternity in "everyday" life.