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To dy in dust, but you shall live by fame: My verse your virtues rare shall eternize, And in the hevens wryte your glorious name.
for the stirring up of heroick spirits, to benefit their Countrie, and eternize their names by like noble attempts'.
Shakespeare's speaker thinks to eternize love through fame:
Raphael, in narrating the angelic warfare, explains to Adam that he could "relate of thousands, and thir names / Eternize here on Earth," but the angels loyal to God are "contented with thir fame in Heaven" and "Seek not the praise of men" (6.
5) By so doing, the mayor "will eternize [his] glory, and establish prosperity in this worthy City," Johnson adds.
She is also convinced that when she was born the "charge was giv'n me by th'Eternall powres" to eternize her patron Margaret, the countess of Cumberland (Salve Deus l.