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You don't imagine that he seriously believes all this nonsense about a change in the ether and a danger to the human race?
If it pleases you to believe this rigmarole about ether and Fraunhofer's lines upon the spectrum, do so by all means, but do not ask one who is older and wiser than yourself to share in your folly.
Do you for an instant suppose that there is an English ether and a Sumatran ether?
But it does not take much common sense to see that, as we seem to know so little about ether, it might be affected by some local conditions in various parts of the world and might show an effect over there which would only develop later with us.
com/research/pd9mhq/global_dimethyl) has announced the addition of the "Global Dimethyl Ether Market: Insights, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends Analysis and Forecast to 2021" report to their offering.
The engines in PLS trucks have built-in ether starting aids.
Volvo Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo AB (NASDAQ: VOLV), is planning to commercialise dimethyl ether powered heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the United States.
The continuous flow of air was generated by a foot bellows and passed through an ether bottle and a humidifying bottle.
Rum ether, which is named because of its purported similarity in flavor to the distilled beverage, has been used for decades to lend a rummy flavor to baked goods, candy and beverages.
Table 1--Solvent Properties Solvent Solubility in Evaporation rate water (g/100 g (n-Butyl @25[degrees]C) Acetate = 1) Dipropylene glycol methyl ether [infinity] 0.
Supported by journal and patent literature from 2000 onwards, Fink approaches material from a chemistry and engineering perspective with the most current data available as he covers carbazole polymers, polyp-xylylenes, polyarylene vinylenes, polyphenylene ethers, polyphenylene sulfide, polyaryl ether ketones, polyarlene ether sulfonespolyarylene ether nitriles, triazole polymers, polyoxadiazoles, polynaphthalates, polyphthalamides, aramids, polyamide imides, polyimides, and liquid crystal polymers.
Studies were therefore undertaken in order to evaluate petroleum ether and ethanolic extract of C.