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In some ways it is easy to sympathize with Bellin at this juncture: for all its stunning visuals, a widely acclaimed film like Sin City (2005) is little more than puerile male fantasy, all guys-with-guns and tarts-with-hearts; and the extraordinarily popular Lord of the Rings trilogy suffers from a practically wholesale inability to envision women outside of the misogynist binary of etherealised phantasm (Cate Blanchett's Galadriel and Liv Tyler's Arwen) or monstrously repellent vagina dentata (the deadly Shelob).
Their realistic characterizations of women protagonists, on the one hand, unsettle the often "spiritualised and etherealised" female emblems employed in Irish nationalistic propaganda (Innes 22).
All those elements which went to supply Burke's liberal theory of constitutional forms which would be a natural expression of national character--antiquity, 'home-bred affection', complexity, nostalgia, mystery, and the spectacle of ruin--were all incorporated into the literature of Thomas Moore, Sir Samuel Ferguson and, in an etherealised version, of James Clarence Mangan, thereby leading to the promotion of a sense of Irish cultural identity which was thereafter to rejoin with the revolutionary republican tradition, with its concentration on the notion of a distinct Irish political identity.