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68) "Given the ethereality of conception, substantiating it requires a persuasive creation story describing in words, more often than proving through tangible evidence, how the inventor originated the invention .
Darting through wormholes of time and space, Brathwaite's first-person narrator imagines an ethereality that is at once perfectly lucid and utterly opaque:
Eerie and with a defiant sense of melancholy, her harp playing is at its most dextrous, and there's an unwavering ethereality about her performance which is remarkable.
In The Last Tournament, the ethereality of Arthurian music contrasts with the fleshliness of Tristram's.
In seeking to concretize an ethereality she strains to hear him by shutting out the material world around her: with "eyes closed' or whilst "looking off into space" (Portia Coughlan, 1996, pp.
Cabic's dreamy, West Coast acoustica has shed most of its outsized ethereality and become more focused on well-crafted and evocative songs," a Harp reviewer says.
56) Isabel's image draws links with religious joy and ethereality as her accomplishments and self-discipline signify hope for other homeless young people.
Furthermore, the liberationist critiques of both radicals and Marxists had become irrelevant, speaking as they did to the conditions that pertained under the reign of "economic man" but not "psychological man," the characteristic human type of the new therapeutic age who had been effectively liberated from the allegedly repressive, authoritarian bourgeois order only to find himself enslaved by his own seeming ethereality and the paternalistic state.
But there is musical substance here, particularly in the Tsabropoulous pieces, and at their best Tsabropoulos and Lechner achieve a combination of floating ethereality and substantial musical insight that is quite exciting.
But while that is all fairies, sylvan glades and ethereality ( it marked the first appearance of female dancers flitting dreamily across the stage on their pointes ( Matthew Bourne gives us an earthier, modern take.