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An 1898 depiction of the Taj Mahal is even more etherealized (fig.
In Katharine's childhood consciousness, this myth is like "[a] fine mist, the etherealized essence of the fog, [which] hung visibly in the wide and rather empty space of the drawing-room.
The use of a corporeal adjective ("scarnificati," or 'de-fleshed') is apt for in Primo amore, art and life are equally etherealized.
In The Magic Toyshop this works by pairing the ripening adolescent Melanie against her etherealized and mute Aunt Margaret: the reader inevitably focuses on the gothic threats to Melanie's virginity sustained in her Uncle Philip's puppet shop, while ignoring or missing Margaret's covert incest narrative.
As Lydwine's body is etherealized, her soul becomes a perfumed emanation, decanted as a scent of violets and lilies, "symboles de l'humilitE et de la chastetE" (2: 68).