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The Middlesbrough band played songs off the new album such as Why Rage the Heathen Furiously and the ethereally beautiful Toke.
If the second movement hinted at the celestial, the third embraced the Biblical - a glorious requiem where basses and horns took up a solemn march and the baritone voices of the cellos sang in mourning above, before the tempo quickened and the young voices rose ethereally from a pianissimo Phil.
Cornelius's own daughter, Clara, is an ethereally beautiful but capricious and argumentative girl, and Iris finds solace from her tumultuous home life in art.
A candlelit path led the way to an ethereally decorated gazebo, featuring twinkling white Arabian-influenced decor laced with florals.
WHILE YOU'RE THERE On my last visit in the 1970s I slumped into the 13th-to-15th century Minster with an aching head on a Sunday morning and was soothed by what is still the most ethereally beautiful choral music I have ever heard.
She had strong and powerful lines to sing, as well as ethereally soft passages, all of which she handled with great assurance.
Furthermore, I wonder about the choice of the soloists: although the soprano Andrea Dankova is a seasoned performer of Janacek operas, her tremolo is at variance with my expectations that the part be sung simply and ethereally.
The playa is ethereally lovely in the early morn-ing--the newborn light, the stillness after the night's frenzy.
Her bleached white skulls and pelvises of deer, antelope, and cattle float ethereally against the backdrop of landscape and sky in what one critic called a "vision of infinity.
Not that we can't yearn, but surely not so ethereally, so naively, forever and ever going through that first all-or-nothing time.
As living art, they floated ethereally to the accompaniment of what Hayward describes as "other-worldly music.
Fiends -- The Fiends are ethereally beautiful beings.