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Its grounds are said to be the stamping ground of a menacing man in black, while a young woman in an old-fashioned yellow dress has been seen on several occasions, drifting ethereally across a bowling green and staring forlornly out of an empty room before vanishing into thin air.
These combinations allow the composer to produce a range of colours, from ethereally beautiful to extremely dramatic, even violent.
And for a moment, everyone was participating in this projection of an alternate site of exchange and attention, and I caught glimpses of details: ethereally weird makeup, talismans, words emblazoned on clothes held together by spiderwebs and altered with hedge clippers.
Cornelius's own daughter, Clara, is an ethereally beautiful but capricious and argumentative girl, and Iris finds solace from her tumultuous home life in art.
The simple yet thoughtful execution of this conflict makes it dark-to-the-core but apparently an ethereally white story " a dense emotional experience.
The Japanese have elevated the appreciation of food into an art form, whether it's the ethereally light batter of the crispest tempura, or the freshest slivers of fish laid over hand-rolled dressed rice to make the most delicate *edomae* sushi, or the silkiest soba noodles in the clearest broth.
Martin Bowes and the band were in stunning form, weaving soundcloud after soundcloud, sometimes deliciously dark, sometimes ethereally beautiful, but always atmospheric.
The Panopticon's vulnerable adolescent's narrative unearths the gothic environment of society's margins and the tunnel vision of hegemonic power that suppresses their plight and renders them ethereally insubstantial.
Thus the wall-eyed horse dramatically and ethereally departs from Mrs Littlejohn's boardinghouse, hovering off the veranda like a "hobgoblin and floating, in the moon" (H 1014).
WHILE YOU'RE THERE On my last visit in the 1970s I slumped into the 13th-to-15th century Minster with an aching head on a Sunday morning and was soothed by what is still the most ethereally beautiful choral music I have ever heard.
The sound of Ludwig van Beethoven's romantic sonata or the classic symphonies of Franz Schubert would ethereally fill his house with every stroke of his fingers on his grand piano.
Furthermore, I wonder about the choice of the soloists: although the soprano Andrea Dankova is a seasoned performer of Janacek operas, her tremolo is at variance with my expectations that the part be sung simply and ethereally. I always eagerly await the passage "Slava vo vyshich Bogu ..." (Glory be to God on high), in whose apex Gabriela Benackova has set a frostily light flat tone.