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The newest technology was adapted to the needs of the hospital's users; the wards were filled with softly curving, hygienic furniture and noiseless washbasins, stretcher patients were stimulated by the white ceiling of the entrance lobby, on which the yellow of the floor was reflected ethereally, like pollen.
Nine very good actors are wasted, if not embarrassed, by the thoroughly unconvincing shenanigans perpetrated by first-time writer-director Michael Clancy, while a 10th--Zooey Deschanel--somehow manages to float ethereally above it all with her dignity intact.
Stella McCusker was remarkably fine as the ethereally beautiful Mrs Hardwicke-Moore.
Yet as the four transparent silos housing the creme of France's 500 year old printed book collection hover ethereally over the mongrel blare and dirt of the 13th arrondissement, it remains to be seen whether they have the gravity to aggregate the city around them or remain monumentally dislocated follies of political ambition.
Losey herself gets a fair bit of exercise as she clambers ethereally about the stage and its pieces of ramshackle statuary.
It can be grown and vinified in a variety of styles from the ethereally light and fresh to the complex and fulodied, while retaining its inimitable spicy, peppery character.
The ethereally quiet running of this extraordinary automobile and the silver paint with silver fittings, led Johnson to select this very car for high-profile competitive trials, bestowing the name, 'Silver Ghost' upon it.
Easy denim looks embroidered with beads numbered among the other highlights, along with several ethereally pretty prairie dresses.
This became particularly true during Olafur Eliasson's 2003 Turbine Hall installation, 'The Weather Project' in which a giant artificial sun glowed ethereally through a billowing mist.
Inle Lake is a fishing and agricultural region popular with tourists because instead of building around the lake, residents built their communities --from homes, to temples, to restaurants--on stilts above the water so they almost seem to float ethereally in the lake.
Morcilla - that's black pudding bulked out with rice, rather than oatmeal - was ethereally light and delicately spiced and seasoned, each disc anointed by a mildly bracing blob of apple sauce.
One brand that stands apart from the rest, thanks to its ethereally inspired colorways and distinctively elegant packaging, is Las Vegas, NV-based ILNP (an acronym for I Love Nail Polish).