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"Ultimately, Mary is responsible for what Etherial has become today -- because it was that opening at the Wynn Hotel which got Etherial viewed by a potential 5,000 new customers every single day!" The only further twist was the closure of the Sri Lanka factory due to civil war, after which Marcus relocated to Cyprus and learned to craft the jewellery himself.
However, Newton's central perceptions of a "spirit" as an etherial medium, framed by the absolute coordinates of space and time, and engaged in the natural world through forces, appears with similar vocabulary also in Einstein's work, albeit with radically different conclusions.
Pope's Vulcan is a divine maker whose "matchless might" reaches "th'etherial height," plunges to bumpy "ground," and reascends.
The culmination of this sentimental longing for what must be left behind occurs when, before leaving her village, Calliste arises at dawn to "catch the rich perfumes of myriads of flowers, borne on etherial wings" and seeks the "invigorating and salutary influence of the salubrious atmosphere of her native hills, once again, ere she left them for other scenes" (18).
The focus of Edwards's book is Kant's repeated attempt in the OP to prove a priori that an etherial matter must everywhere fill space.
I thank you for your blessed comfort!" The repetitions of this motive later in the opera, with its etherial quality, and played in the last scene with deep passion by the violins, show that Brunnhilde has been raised to the status of nobility only because she has remained faithful to Siegfried from birth to death.
As owner of Yvonne's Southern Cuisine, a comfy, Southern-style restaurant in Pelham, New York, she oversees the down-home spot where a great meal and great music--from her house band The Etherial Jazz Quartet--go hand in hand.
Yet there was nothing etherial about it; all was real vitality, real warmth, real incarnation.
James Watson rebuked those whose piety was "too etherial [sic] for the duties of citizenship"; Thomas M.
Thus the parallelism with the five senses is missed, along with the probable rationale for the fifth (for the Indians, first) element, akasa 'ether'--the Veda that is sabadamatra, i.e., "etherial." Also truncated is the numerological progression implicit in the elementsense parallelism: the "simplest" element is ether, for here sound/hearing alone functions.
Meanwhile, of the Great Medical Novel, in explanation, let me say: The objections you raise to the relations of sentiment in that position, I had never thought of; perhaps because my own illness has always been what one of my friends calls "such an etherial kind"!
(Rynasiewicz does not report any tendency to view the ether as a substitute for absolute space, a modern descendant of Descartes's vortices of etherial fluids.) But it seems to me fair to say that we ought to judge the question of the ontological status of Lorentz's ether for ourselves, in light of as much information as we can gather, and not take the prevailing view of the physics community of the time as automatically correct.