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This study addresses the need for enumerating specific categories and topics that should be included in a capstone accounting ethics course.
The importance of ethics in relation to counseling and counselor education on is more than a philosophical consideration.
Much like in any introductory philosophy class, covering the three major ethical theories (virtue ethics, deontology and utilitarianism) is vital.
The MTNA Code of Ethics, therefore, is a compendium of principles of ethical practices for the professional music teacher.
Before starting my work there in 1982, I made another trip, this time to the United States, to learn how business ethics was being taught here.
Ethics reform can take place at the city level, the county level, the regional level, or the state level.
This collection of transcripts would make an excellent primary text for use in ethics courses or in courses requiring deeper understanding of postmodernism and communication scholarship.
The main thesis of The Ethical Imagination is that "profound principles of human ethics" can from now on be arrived at by a process of "overlapping consensus" that results from a debate involving stake holders which leads to a shared ethics.
Ethics is the base component of the organizational culture of beliefs, agreements, perceptions, assumptions, values, goals, capabilities, and deeds.
The field of narrative ethics has highlighted the value of patients telling their stories of illness, both for their own healing and for the sake of the physician-patient relationship.