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The survey instruments were mailed to 217 accounting educators who have a nexus to accounting ethics using four sources: (1) accounting educators who mentioned an interest in accounting ethics research or instruction in Hasselback's Accounting Faculty Directory, (2) accounting educators who participated at the 9th Annual Ethics Research Symposium (August, 2004) sponsored by the American Accounting Association, (3) accounting educators who contributed to the February 2004 issue of Issues in Accounting Education (a special issue on accounting ethics research and instruction), and (4) accounting educators who published accounting ethics journal articles over the past 20 years.
Within camp, children and adults have daily opportunities to develop and experience the person-centered attributes of the collaboration ethic.
Whistleblowing: A Historical Overview from the Civil War to Dodd-Frank Speaker: Paul Fiorelli, professor of legal studies and co-director, Cintas Institute for Business Ethics, Xavier University
Arnett's (1987) review of ethics in communication journals from 1915-1985.
The Code's purpose is to provide guidance and rules to all Compliance and Ethics Professionals (CEP) in the performance of their professional responsibilities.
The main thesis of The Ethical Imagination is that "profound principles of human ethics" can from now on be arrived at by a process of "overlapping consensus" that results from a debate involving stake holders which leads to a shared ethics.
Ethics is the base component of the organizational culture of beliefs, agreements, perceptions, assumptions, values, goals, capabilities, and deeds.
My thanks to Gail Crawford, APRN, member of the Ethics Committee, who agreed to do the Ethics article for this issue of the SC Nurse.
The field of narrative ethics has highlighted the value of patients telling their stories of illness, both for their own healing and for the sake of the physician-patient relationship.
Di Florio describes one financial services firm that had a "good program on paper" but didn't include ethics and governance in annual executive appraisals.