ethical judgment

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When the individual's intentions and behavior are inconsistent with his or her ethical judgment, the person may experience resultant feelings such as remorse and/or guilt.
The four elements are ethical sensitivity, ethical judgment, ethical motivation, and ethical action.
Throughout the nation they outperform their governmentally indoctrinated peers in college acceptance letters, scholarship opportunities, internships, and job offers, not to mention moral and ethical judgment and relationships.
To identify some possible biases in ethical judgement presented in literature, it is important to define, first, what is understood by scholars as ethical judgment. Justice, fairness, acceptability and promises, are all related with ethical judgement (Carroll and Buchholtz 2014).
Build trust, use sound and ethical judgment, and stand accountable for your choices that affect you and others.
For instance, the values of traditionalism, conformity, and stimulation combine with situational factors to impact on an individual's ethical judgment (Watson & Berkley, 2009).
We developed an online survey to conduct this research project, which is based on our previous international ethics research.3 The survey presents two different business situations and measures the intention to act in a similar way to the individual in the scenario (Behavioral Intention) and ethical judgment of the behavior described in the scenario.
While most medical and dental schools teach ethics on a Friday afternoon ("Lunch and Learn" and a pizza), the ASDOH students are infused with ethical thinking, ethical judgment and ethical practice.
Narcissism has been negatively correlated with better ethical judgment. Intrinsic (I)--but not extrinsic--religiosity has been positively associated with better ethical judgment.
Here, YH sticks to an aesthetic notion and doesn't venture an ethical judgment at all.
It may complete a patchy knowledge of ethical judgment in sport by studying the manner in which persons take into account numerous elements of information of all types to arrive at a global ethical judgment (Anderson, in press).