ethical judgment

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The results of the present study clearly showed that organisational interest and cultural context make a difference in individual ethical judgment.
But Gass's meditations on the nature of literary creation reveal a highly complex--and subtly instructive--awareness of writing's capacity for social use and abuse, and his topical sermons put the lie to the fear that such a complex awareness cripples political and ethical judgment.
February was a month of clumsy, inept leadership for Mayor James Hahn, plagued with serious questions about his ethical judgment.
There is a gray area of ethical judgment where the standards of the transnational's home country differ substantially from those of the host country.
Thus, the problem may result from one of two causes: either ethical judgment is being arrived at by applying principles other than justice principles (which form the basis of the DIT), or ethical judgment is not being translated into ethical intention because of the influence of some self-serving considerations (see Reiter 1998) and/or ethical intentions are not being carried out.
Toward understanding marketing students' ethical judgment of controversial personal selling practices, Journal of Business Research, 24, 313-329.
Guidelines follow the Rules and assist CPCUs and CPCU candidates in interpreting the various Code provisions, understanding their rationale, and applying them to frequently encountered situations that require ethical judgment.
Members of the military profession should be encouraged to exercise their ethical judgment over as wide a scope as possible within the functional requirements of military effectiveness and efficiency.
Therefore, a health care worker, responsible for ascertaining death, can use these criteria in each individual case as a basis for arriving at the degree of assurance in ethical judgment which moral teaching describes as the basis for an ethically correct course of action.
When hiring, increasing numbers of employers seek not just technical skills but also humanistic and liberal arts-oriented capabilities, such as communication skills, critical thinking, empathy, ethical judgment and the ability to work effectively in teams.
Throughout the nation they outperform their governmentally indoctrinated peers in college acceptance letters, scholarship opportunities, internships, and job offers, not to mention moral and ethical judgment and relationships.
Studies in this field have historically focused on recreating questionable ethical situations to evaluate ethical judgment of people.