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The category Communication About Grading featured three scenarios (75%) in which participants had high agreement about ethicality. High disagreement occurred in regard to the fourth scenario, in which a teacher includes "a few surprise items" on the test that were not on the study guide.
As a matter of fact, people habitually judge ethicality of others' behaviors (Gino et al.
This paper considers the contribution that Hegel's discussion of ethicality (Sittlichkeit) makes to his account of recognition in the Phenomenology of Spirit.
The ethicality of their decision was determined by the percentage value associated with the most ethical choice ("Make sure that the violation was corrected, no matter how far I would have to go.").
The margins of ethicality in significant literary works are more than often blurred; they are in movement, as life adapts new forms and is itself in a permanent state of openness, challenges and change.
Fourteen respondents discussed the ethicality of going undercover in terms of the effectiveness of the operation.
The issue of horse slaughter in the United States has a diverse stakeholder group, causing ranchers, the meat industry, animal welfare groups, economists, taxpayers, and many more to stir debate on its utility, ethicality, and practicality.
We will discuss the details of these strategies, as well as some issues related to their legality and ethicality in business settings.
The Jin and Drozdenko (2003-2013) research raises the question of the possible causes for the greater ethicality they found in organic organizations.
When individuals feel that they have a voice in the process or that the process involves characteristics such as consistency, accuracy, ethicality, and lack of bias then procedural justice is enhanced.
The 14 areas are as follows: requirement analysis, instructional design, study contents, teaching-learning strategy, interactivity, evaluation, feedback, support system, reusability, sharing & distribution, accessibility, restructuring, ethicality, and copyright, respectively.
Nevertheless, although the War on Terror, at time of declaration, did not meet the condition of just cause, the ethicality of drone strikes cannot yet be disregarded.