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The situation is only going to worsen as the pace of research increases, as the need for money and fame that come from research grows, and as the content of research becomes more ethically challenging.
What can be done about the ethical cynics, the ethical egoists, and the ethically uncertain?
Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality arabica coffee in the world.
Coun Peter Allen, chair of Newcastle City Council's procurement committee, said: "I am delighted this policy is being adopted and we are committed to providing food which has been ethically sourced and is cruelty-free.
Footwear for the ethically conscious" embossed on the sole says it all.
We must do more to encourage and support our members and others who are committed to work ethically, and to deter those inclined to do otherwise.
They state that, in this respect, our studies differ from more ethically acceptable studies of pharmacologic agents in humans.
As Hall makes dear, the British government has arrived at a far clearer and ethically sound approach to the issue of stem cell research, having convened a parliamentary committee chaired by the philosopher Mary Warnock.
He said that he could ethically and morally no longer stay but surely it is ethically and morally right that he should air his concerns to us openly.
In such cases, informed consent from a volunteer--saying he or she understands and accepts the risks of participating in a clinical trial--may be ethically meaningless.
Three-quarters of company pension scheme members want their funds to be invested ethically, a study has shown.