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A shift from local to global concerns among media ethicians during the 1980s was heralded by Anne Van der Meiden's edited collection, Ethics and Mass Communication (1980), which directed the movement towards a "methodical, cross-cultural approach to communication ethics," and "the first comprehensive treatment of ethics by an international network of scholars, Communication Ethics and Global Change, edited by Thomas W.
At Padua only a few members of the Redemptorist order were present, mostly because in 2006 they had their international meeting of Redemptorist theological ethicians in Bogota, and few were inclined to travel to a second international conference.
In the third part, I examine two trends in theological ethics that strengthen our ability to respond to these crises: that ethicians are becoming more theological and more historical.
While Catholic ethicians worry that IVF demeans and harms the child, Jewish ethicians urge the importance of parental love and care to offset the technological intervention in the procreative process.
I would argue that theologians, church historians, ethicians, and biblical scholars--in their own way--provide analogous care to those in Church and society who are suffering pain, depression, and loss of hope.