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When a hundred scholars and ethicists signed a petition that read, "As Christian ethicists, we share a common moral presumption against a preemptive war on Iraq by the United States," Elshtain argued the opposite, publishing the book Just War Against Terror: The Burden of American Power in a Violent World in 2003.
The situation is compounded when the ethicist is in a position of power inferior to the science PI.
Some ethicists even are calling for debate on changing the legal definition of death to allow patients in permanent comas or vegetative states to become candidates for donation before cardiac death.
In calling for full health disclosure, Chairwoman Leslie Conejo joined a growing chorus of ethicists and political analysts who said Gallegly's most recent announcement raises more questions than it answers.
When I taught at a military college an ethicist contacted me about "doing something" on military ethics.
It is impossible not to note here that, with the word "science," the profession of ethicist benefits from an air of secular respectability.
Both are excellent ideas--and hint that this is an ethicist who may be learning to think through the practical consequences of his ethics.
And, so as a Christian and an ethicist who studies and teaches issues surrounding warfare, this language troubles me (and I think it ought to trouble you) for a number of reasons.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: Allowing the testimony of the medical ethicist into evidence in this medical malpractice case was clearly error.
The clinical ethicist at the hospital that carried out the surgery on Samuel has pointed out how odd it is that parents who would never consider abortion will resort to dangerous surgery of doubtful benefit to correct a non-life threatening condition.
One of the new features was an advice column called "The Ethicist.
It is described as a passionate and challenging new series about the work of the clinical ethicist.