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The author proposes that the underlying basis of the conflict is the fact that ethnic Bulgarian, Greek, and Macedonian communities in Canada all claim 'Macedonia' and 'Macedonian' as terms that historically belong to them.
This book examines four key hypotheses: that ethnic heterogeneity within a single political state is positively associated with the degree and intensity of ethnic conflict, that high cultural heterogeneity (based on such measures of as linguistic and religious fragmentation) is positively associated with ethnic conflict, that economic development is negatively associated with ethnic conflict, and that democracy is negatively associated with the same.
For some, the study marked their first step into the ethnic marketplace, while others used it as an opportunity to further the insights of their already established ethnic research divisions.
Suu Kyi called for an end to discrimination against ethnic minorities as part of the "emergence of a genuine democratic country".
Empirically focusing on ethnic cleansing policies carried out by Serbs following the break-up of Yugoslavia, journalist Suljagic seeks to prove a number of general and specific hypotheses concerning the nature of ethnic cleansing.
Petar Ivanov from the Center has presented projections that the ethnic Bulgarians might decline to 800 000 in 2050.
In her Race, Ethnic and Community Reporting class, Chuang's students follow the city's newspapers, magazines and television and radio stations that cater to particular ethnic groups.
The chances for getting votes are slim but some signals on several ethnic Albanian parties uniting into one coalition are appearing," explains Musliu.
The other parties, not to be outdone and pre-empted by the Maoists, have, in their own way, joined, however subtly it may be, the bandwagon to divide the country on ethnic lines.
Ofcom's media literacy audit of UK adults from ethnic minority groups draws on quantitative research from the four largest ethnic minority groups in the UK: Indians, Pakistanis, Black Caribbeans and Black Africans.
Next week, Malaysia's ethnic Indians and ethnic Chinese populations will go to one of the few places they can legally voice their growing distaste for policies that favor the ethnic Malay majority -- the election polls.
In many respects, the 1990s was the decade of ethnic conflict.