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The current study offers important evidence regarding ethnic self-identification, ethnic identity, and life satisfaction of immigrants and native adolescents living in Spain, contributing to the generalization of knowledge regarding ethnic identity to other cultural contexts.
The People's Republic of China (PRC) comprises various ethnic groups and diverse cultures.
media context documents that contemporary popular mainstream media narratives routinely represent ethnic minorities in negative ways (Aoki & Mio, 2009; Dixon & Linz, 2000; Greenberg, Mastro, & Brand, 2002).
The incident stirred up a great deal of controversy in America, and indeed does call into question the notion of ethnic identification and its legitimacy.
In the last nine years, the Office of Ethnic Communities has been limited in doing its role.
Here, I would like to clarify, the ethnic conflict is not just within the Kalenjin but amongst all Kenyan communities.
* 36% like to explore regional varieties of mainstream ethnic cuisines to try new foods and flavors.
Afghanistan is just a society having several large ethnic groups.
The conceptual framework of nation unity and inter-ethnic relations until 2017, which was adopted back in 2013, has become the first strategic document in state ethnic policy.
The history of ethnic business is almost as long as the history of the immigration of minorities to the immigrant-receiving countries.
Identity Politics and Elections in Malaysia and Indonesia: Ethnic Engineering in Borneo.
Sweden, July 31 -- With the Nationwide ceasefire and elections approaching, an average non-Myanmar ethnic nationality will be conjecturing of which one is of the lesser evil, since he has to choose between the two Myanmar groups to be his boss, either the Tatmadaw backed USDP or the pro democratic forces led by NLD?