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Recognising Sikhs as an ethnic group would also give them greater protection against discrimination.
While African ethnic groups shared many theological and ritual similarities, their religions were largely ethnic-based, non-exclusionary, lacking the type of proselytizing or missionary imperative of Islam or Christianity.
In this study, there were no significant differences between the minority and nonminority participants' scores on the SMAS subscales of ethnic group identification (EGIS) and dominant group identification (DGIS).
It is about a ruling ethnic group that is unwilling to share the same territory with another (usually minority) ethnic group.
In what has grown into a three-state West Coast contract worker and harvester network, participants have identified central issues that include: fair access to training and work, ecosystem sustainability, participation in monitoring and training design, and a stop to the practice of pitting one ethnic group competitively against another, resulting in lower wages and revenues for all workers.
These camps hold approximately 120,000 refugees from nearly every ethnic group in Burma, but are mainly populated by Karen, Mon, Karenni, and Burmese.
In an article published in The American Quarterly, Philip Gleason (1991) points out that "minority" was not used to designate America's ethnic groups until 1932 (Gleason, 1991, p.
Raymond Breton discusses, in chapter five, the Ethnic Group as a Political Resource.
characteristics of an ethnic group, and an accurate means to determine
The hypothesis is that although various types of African DNAs may be found throughout Africa, DNAs distinct to a single ethnic group or set of related ethnic groups may also be found.
Instead of simply focusing on works by a single author or from a particular period, Beardslee chooses to pair in each chapter an earlier work of literature with a contemporary work in which the characters are from the same ethnic group.
And yet, the alternative--of all humans renouncing ethnic group loyalties--seems utopian to say the least, for all the reasons that Salter provides.

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