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It is the combination of these predispositions and the assimilationist ethos they support that has made the United States, with all its problems and shortcomings, the most successful nation in world history in integrating ethnically diverse people.
They have addressed sixth-form groups varying in size from 10 to 200, in ethnically mixed and nearly all-white schools.
People have said that the ballet was Tudor's response to the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War, but there is nothing ethnically specific about Tudor's community of plain folk.
But as a new, more racially, ethnically and gender-diverse Congress meets this month, there is almost a palpable sense among black legislators that the nation is on the cusp of real change.
LAS VEGAS -- Blend Images, a specialty stock photography agency and distributor of ethnically diverse business and lifestyle imagery, announced today the appointment of Robert Henson to the position of Director of Channel Relations and Sales.
degree-holding nurses who will assume positions in acute care facilities or in public/community health centers and help to diversify a nursing workforce that has been ethnically stagnant for many years.
SIR - There is little doubt that a small group in Wales including some politicians and members of the press and media are determined to social-engineer or even ethnically cleanse the people in Wales into a single tribal group, modelled on their own perception of Welshness.
Houston is exactly the type of densely populated, ethnically diverse market in which our fund invests.
What's Cooking,'' a comedy about colliding worlds and sensibilities when children return home to the family camp for the Thanksgiving weekend in four ethnically diverse Los Angeles families.
But since his 1994 move to Europe ("Eurasia," he calls it, to evoke its rush toward the East), Durham has gradually abandoned this ethnically coded vocabulary.
It seems that the international community is unable to understand that Bosnia-Herzegovina must have an ethnically balanced democracy.
To explore its potential effects in people, medical researchers in Singapore analyzed a database of some 1,000 elderly, mentally sound adults living in that ethnically diverse city-state in Southeast Asia.