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With traditional sites of ethnic expression in America disappearing, the Ethnicity Industry found itself the locus of identity.
Despite its strengths, White Ethnic New York may also frustrate some historians of ethnicity and urban life.
Taken as a whole, our findings demonstrate that men and whites were more likely to adopt a problem-focused approach to coping with the trauma, while women and those of nonwhite ethnicity were more likely to adopt an emotion-based approach.
However, throughout his work Kazal treats German-American ethnicity as a lost good, even though its definition and potential largely go undefined.
At the same time, the important role of gender and ethnicity in students' academic performance has also been well documented (Xu, 2006; Xu & Corno, 2003).
Studies of both come up short of clear answers about history, ethnicity, and even secure locations for where the events are said to have happened.
Looking at the relationships of ethnicity to achievement, we see that there is a positive relationship between ethnicity and starting point (r = .
Ethnicity differs in that it is "marked by traits that are perceived to be culturally inherited" (7).
Hence, the Brazilian case is treated as backward and anti-modern compared with progressive, modern black ethnicity in the US.
Pigott and Kalbach examine language and ethnicity among university students across Canada, Padolsky explores food, ethnicity, literature, and cross-cultural spaces, and Tirone explores the dynamic nature of mobility between leisure spaces as experienced by a group of young minority Canadians.
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