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Some of these stressors ate ethologically sound (i.
However, it almost goes without saying that shock is not a very ethologically relevant source of stress for a wild rat in its natural environment.
Environment (not 'world') is understood ethologically as implicating the sensorimotor capacities and evolutionary history of animal life.
Thus we face the urgent task, mandated by law in many cases, but ethologically mandated in all, to evaluate existing practices.
Such criticism is most convincing in connection with living things, and the injunction to study them ethologically, in their natural atmospheres, becomes more compelling as their behavior becomes more nuanced and reflective.
What I teach," says Fillmore, "is an ethologically oriented way to determine by behavior which students are going to act violently.
From a different perspective, GnRH neurons are used as a focal point for studying the information processing related to an ethologically relevant reproductive phenomenon in multiple brain regions.