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From Deleuze's description, Spinoza's ethics as ethology relies on the fact that it is an immanent plane, which aims at analyzing the relationship between speed and slowness of things as well as their features influenced and impacted.
Another point that we found obscure was Burge's insistence on the role of ethology and zoology in the constitution of representational states.
Nalbant always correlated the outer morphological features with those of the inner morphology, of ecology, ethology and of zoogeography which was and is very important for a better understanding of species.
In contrast, Alt argues, Woolf embraced the new methods and ideas of laboratory science, ethology, and ecology and used them to figure liberatory modes of thinking and interacting.
Congress of the International Society of Applied Ethology (ISAE) (44th: 2010: Uppsala, Sweden.
With this neurobiological foundation for history, history's connections with the subject matters of evolutionary biology, ethology, and kindred topics are supposed by Small to become natural.
Hidaka was known for his contribution to the dissemination of ethology in Japan through his translations of animal behavior studies, and for the establishment of the Japan Ethological Society in 1982 for which he served as chairman.
Birds of Oregon and General Science will feature a talk by Rick Ahrens called "Mythology, Ethology and Biology of Animals" on Thursday from 9 a.
He studied ethology under Desmond (The Naked Ape) Morris at London University.
Their interests are/were ethology, travel, golf, books and crafts.
Content includes findings from cognitive science, game theory, behavioral economics, neuro-economics, ethology and evolutionary psychology.