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The partnership with ETHOS Technologies is the latest piece of our partnership ensuring that we now have agreements with a strong mix of both specialist and broad-line distributors.
Establishing ethos through relationships means associating yourself or your idea with someone who is credible with your audience and substituting their credibility for your own.
Denny Liang, vice president at TP-Link Middle East and Africa, said: "Partnering with Ethos Technologies, one of the specialised value-added distributors in the region serving the SMB segment will open up new opportunities and reinforce the company's SMB networking products to channel partners in the UAE and Oman.
Corbyn's leadership, which prior to the general election had been criticised for doctrinal confusion, vapidity and incoherence when it came to policy, is a potent force as a particular kind of representation of Labour's ethos--though Corbyn's is far from the only kind of ethos within the Labour movement.
That innovation demands a synthetic stock, so a more traditional shotgun like the Ethos needs something different.
To that end we are very pleased to be working with Ethos to be distributing our software into the territories they support.
7 pounds with a 28-inch barrel, the 20-gauge ETHOS is a perfect gun for all-day carry.
Ethos works primarily through referral from primary care veterinarians, focusing on advanced medicine and high quality, compassionate care in an effort to improve the lives of pets and their owners.
The Bank Benchmark Index (BBI) Awards were created by Ethos Consultancy in 2005 with the aim of providing the banking industry with a methodology of benchmarking their products and services against the competition to drive continual improvement.
Hussain Al Qemzi, CEO, Noor Bank said: aACoeWe are honoured to be recognised by Ethos Integrated Solutions, leading providers of process improvement, e-solutions and benchmarking studies in the Middle East.
Nampak has decided to sell its paper business to Ethos Private Equity on behalf of the Ethos Fund IV in a deal worth $14 million.
Among his accomplishments, Jonathan co-founded Ethos Brands, the business that launched Ethos Water, the premium bottled water that helps children around the world get clean water.