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Pinto compellingly describes how those ersatz local efforts to forge medical authority take shape along lines of class and caste, or how "socialities that resemble 'untouchability' are woven into ethoses of improvement" (p.
He explains the definition of liberal modernity and how it influenced the world in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to the present, discusses those resistant to it, and describes how to link the ethoses into an alternative vision of a postliberal order.
The sample consists of 332 subjects, 204 female and 128 male, from different social classes and attending schools with different ethoses, which are defined below.
Depending on the system under consideration, there are different ethoses on the different holarchic levels of the universe.
We have fewer distinct languages and religions than in times past, but we have a greater number of diverse niche ethoses.
For Harper that meant not only relationships with white ideology and black male ideology, but also Northern and Southern cultures, and bourgeois and subaltern ethoses.