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Year-end season' in order to emphasize that a hypothetical early sui 'harvest season' ([right arrow] 'material of the harvest'; [right arrow] 'year') does not entail an etymological commitment to the physical act of harvesting.
The author indicates that the Sound Factor Extension proves that the proposed common etymological units are not only linked in pairs but also linked in groups of etymologically unrelated although phonologically related pairs.
It seems to me this contradiction cannot be disclosed within the terms set by Mailloux's etymological approach.
Linguistic Interest in Gurage and the Gurage Etymological Dictionary.
The field ETYMOLOGICAL ORIGIN contains the information provided by the MED.
An etymological investigation of merely the core vocabulary presented in this book could be a task demanding enough for a research team, not just for one linguist.
Baxter recognizes the same failure in modem interpreters of the Cratylus who criticize Socrates' etymological theory from a standpoint of modem descriptive grammar.
Among the topics are orthography and corpus linguistics, abbreviation as an interface between typography and orthography, the reduction of homography, and etymological spelling.
The early Greek preposition/particle meaning 'with; together' currently lacks a convincing etymological explication.
THE letter from Derrick Rogers (January 22) would be highly amusing were it not for the fact that it displays appalling etymological ignorance.
The study entails the analysis of different variables such as the etymological origin of the terms, particular processes by which they entered the language (mainly borrowing) and the socio-historical context in which the form is used.
Other harvests are imaginable, and in this exhibition they came mostly from the film and video program, evidently organized by Iles according to a different logic: the endangered scholar-amateur model of curation (amateur here taken in its etymological sense, that of a lover).