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The result of this painstaking, detailed, and analytically balanced effort provides state-of-the-art data for the etymology of Hungarian, for Hungarian and Turkic historical phonology, and for the reconstrucion of WOT.
However, the Khanty verb shows an irregular palatalized stop and an irregular vowel, so it is uncertain whether it belongs in this etymology.
The rest (osa 'part', reba-(ne) 'fox', sammas 'column', sini-(ne) 'blue', suga 'coarse brush', ternes 'beest', too-(ta-ma) 'to promise') have no alternative loan etymology and Indo-Iranian source is dubious for phonological, semantic or other reasons.
In conclusion, a simple, unilinear etymology is established for tango: Spanish Arabic tahanjul 'dancing' (with mannered poses and moves) > Andalusian tanguillo > tango.
We found ourselves with fleshed-out characters, big stories, huge adventures, intricate illustrations, bizarre and fascinating details from the past and, yes, mindblowing etymology.
And I shall teach the etymology of pandemonium to every new student I meet.
As I have suggested above, the etymology of words in this group leads us to the TEACHER directing or GUIDING the LEARNERS, rather than dragging them.
Packed with tips, tricks, and techniques for selecting optimum specimens and properly tending to them at home or in a greenhouse, Orchids to Know and Grow also offers an extensive selection of orchid genera, with each listing featuring a black-and-white sketch of the orchid as well as its genus, tribe, subtribe, etymology, native habitat, number of species, commonly grown species, list of what the plant hybridizes with, and its generic description, flowering season, and methods of being cultured.
Etymology is something we should all aspire to achieve but on present form this is fast becoming a non-achievable goal.
He argues that the etymology of the word arsenokoites is significant for its meaning in the New Testament but that the traditional understanding is also supported by the context in which it is used.
Words, Words, Words is especially recommended to the attention of students of etymology and as well anyone else with an interest in the humor and diversity of the world's dominant language for business, international government, science, and global culture.
The word "sodo-matrimony" is more restrictive than the term same-sex "marriage," because the etymology, the root of the word, pertains to men only, and not to women--who also fall under the new legislation.