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Jackson (1953: 536-39) at first regarded Loxa's etymology as obscure, and ruled out Ifor Williams's link (after Ekwall) with Greek loxos 'slanting' (and so 'crooked one, bending river') on phonological grounds.
The Online Etymology Dictionary says the word comes from the Greek frasi, but Barat infers it originates in Hebrew.
This is the first book ever written in Urdu on etymology. Written by Maulvi Abdul Lateef and published from Hyderabad Deccan in 1917, it describes the Persian words that are in fact compounds but have become a single word over the centuries.
Of the 150 sets of terms 106sets present etymology in Arabic language 37 sets present etymology in Persian language 3 sets present etymology in Turkish language and 1 set presents etymology in Arabic language and arrived in Turkish and Urdu through Persian language (as discussed earliar Persian language itself had received numerous loanwords from Arabic language) 4 sets present differing etymologies.
This etymology is unacceptable due to irregular sound correspondences, however.
The comment on dingle (102), defined here as "A deep dell or hollow," tangles the reader into the etymology of Derndingle.
He is very interested in global cultures, etymology and language ancestry, and the role of nationalism and multiculturalism in nation building across different countries.
Sir Mortimer Wheeler, director of excavations at Lydney, realised the connection and asked Tolkien to work on the etymology of the name Nodens.
South Sudan, Kosovo and Nagorno Karabakh are different processes with different etymology, Lithuanian
Also, according to him, there is yet to be a study in Qatar on the epidemiology and etymology of epilepsy and no comprehensive study has also be conducted among Qataris for the inherited epilepsy.
Shaw reviews earlier scholarship, such as that of Jacob Grimm [1785-1863], identifying problems with the assumptions that underlie such interpretations and then examining the etymology of the names from a linguistic viewpoint, and attempts to connect the most probable meaning(s) with geography and place-names.
"i am no fleshy maiden with femurs like cat whiskers and holes/ stretching open easy like balloons at the first push of a lip." In poems such as this, or in the gorgeous "etymology of a beauty shop," Woods takes a scalpel to the language, to absolutely devastating effect.