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The onomatopoeic words in Chinese dialects support that [n] should be more original than [j] (the second etymon in Table 4 means 'sound of stone' in Sinitic).
Ming [660E [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (ming/minh)]" was a newly made ethnonym from an etymon that means 'bright', and also the name of Manichaeism in China.
If the above etymon is indeed a prestige word diffused by the Xiongnu, we would expect it to be found not only on the Korean peninsula but widely distributed in Central Asia too.
17) Semantic reconstructions are the result of comparing the meanings of cognates and assigning the most plausible one(s) to their etymon by using both a quantitative rule and logic.
The immediate etymon of monkey perhaps or presumably is MLG * moneke.
Janhunen's corpus (1981 : 247), the proto-Uralic etymon *tor?
En revanche, on ne peut rendre compte aisement du type morphologique de cet etymon [?
Most etymologists trace the OE under back to its Indo-European source as */nter/(L inter) and as */ndher/(L infra) > OE under 'under' (Reszkiewicz 1993: 26, see also dictionaries by Partridge 1959; Klein 1967); this etymon was specified as a preposition not a noun.
Also in Arabic the name Eiruz occurs as a woman's name (the etymon for turquoise).
The word comes from Malay menteri or its Sanskrit etymon mantri.
The juxtaposition of Sankrit ksana-and Irish tan points straightforwardly (if perhaps unobvi-ously) to a reconstructable etymon *tKno-, *tKna-.
In fact, the replacement for the feminine comes from the French etymon dove by adding a French suffix (-ess).