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What makes the eulogies so powerful is the fact that they are mostly delivered by equally impressive figures from the world stage.
Memoirs, biographies, and eulogies, poignant and probing in their recall of moments from a subject's early years, add drama and not a little comedy to the dense array of vignettes (some oft-repeated) that spark the argument.
There is a tribute to Betty Shabazz (with Ruby Dee and their daughter Hasna Muhammad)" and then there are eulogies for Malcolm X, Louis Armstrong, Godfrey Cambridge and John Randolph, as well as an essay on the nature of revolution.
Arranged in chronological order from 1901, when Einstein was first published, to 1955, when he died, the book includes a sampling of the interviews he gave and eulogies and tributes that he wrote.
Well-Remembered Friends, Eulogies on Celebrated Lives, collected by Angela Huth (John Murray, pounds 14.
While world leaders were tripping over each other to offer eulogies casting PLO terrorist chief Yasir Arafat as a statesman and peacemaker, the November 12 New York Times publicly floated a question that many observers of Arafat's mysterious ailment had been asking for some time.
Instead of listening to moving tributes from his Mum's closest friends and endless eulogies from various charity dignitaries Wills opted to go clubbing in London with his mates.
Eulogies have even been delivered like a best man's wedding speech - complete with blue jokes.
Co-operative Funeralcare, which carries out 85,000 funerals a year, estimate eulogies commonly known as funeral speeches are given by friends and relatives at less than 10%.
Co-operative Funeralcare, which carries out 85,000 funerals a year, estimates eulogies, commonly known as funeral speeches, are given by friends and relatives atless than 10pc.
11) I view the delivery of Auntie Jean's and Barbara's eulogies as graphic instances of tactical agency in the face of the power of a contemporary colonial regime whose influence extends back to the violent colonial assimilation of the past and forward into the manipulation of the everyday practices of the present, for example, the burial of a loved one.
A LEADING priest has announced that his parishioners are against funeral eulogies by family and friends.