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Couched in the kind of eulogistic language normally reserved for Nobel Prize winners or world-beating sports teams, could they be aimed at one of our top-notch musical artistic talents - maybe opera star Bryn Terfel, actor Ioan Gruffudd or Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals, all of whom have been proud cultural and linguistic ambassadors in their respective fields?
It is worth mentioning at this point that the language of "closed/open" is unfortunate, the former being far too eulogistic, the latter far too opprobrious, in tone and connotation.
Although the story's eulogistic moments obviously evoke an epic grandeur, Faulkner's ironic undercutting of such moments serves only to augment the work's pathos.
Rueda's eulogistic portraits also reflect the recent tendency of dominant Spanish culture to capitalize on its colorful Gypsies who had by this time become a tourist attraction for wealthy Europeans.
The electronic censor would be quick to let this news item through to the Russian communist edition of the magazine, but any eulogistic comment on his career would be, just as promptly, tossed out.
If a response came from the purlieus of the professoriate, however, it was likely to be sorrowful, eulogistic, even starry-eyed.
Rogers' article--which examines contemporary criticisms of such places of "penitence" and reviews internal tensions within Highgate's staff--offers a partial corrective to eulogistic accounts of Rossetti's relationships with her fellow women, but he provides no extended interpretations for these poems' romantic focus and resentment-laden "medieval" wedding-plots.
The jump backwards only becomes clear here from the mention of Kavanagh's report of the Lough Derg pilgrimage for the Irish Independent, which on the earlier pages had already been noted not to have been found 'sufficiently pious or eulogistic to merit publication' by the editor (p.
Gli straccioni's eulogistic purpose comes into focus through the attorney's success and his statements regarding the splendor of recent architectural renovations to the city.
137) Symptoms are: utopian about "negative capability"; appreciative of a good mise en abysme; eulogistic in its use of the term "problematic.
Given such eulogistic assessments of McColvin's career and the significance of the McColvin Report, it is perhaps timely to examine his career and especially the Report more critically by attempting to place them in the context of their times and to assess them from the historical perspective that the passage of time allows.
The effect of this cultural and religious shift was profound: mourning mementos such as gloves, scarves, and rings proliferated, burial began to be attended by large-scale public processions and funerals at the gravesite, and funerary speech began to take on a sentimental or eulogistic quality.