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The historians introduced eulogistic histories including Manaqib (stages) and Fada'il (blessed).
Thus, instead of exhibiting that eulogistic tendency that could be said to be a mark of commissioned festschrifts, the essays are objectively analytic of Ukala's works from the perspective of what Matthew Arnold would have called "disinterestedness".
Much as Mark Antony does in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, he uses his eulogistic speech to serve his own political ends.
Artistically speaking, the local color is the best highlighted in the novel, thus, there can be noticed the descriptions of institutions, wedding ceremonies, funerals, peasant parties--the novel proves to be a detailed documentary, well-structured, and the contradictory opinions of the two characters make this novel be objective and the truth lies somewhere in the middle--not as eulogistic as Blackwurst's or as gloomy as John's.
What Bentham called dyslogistic names (by contrast with eulogistic names) seemed both to set and to settle various debates--and to leave them and their critics and exponents essentially unchanged.
Indeed, you may be surprised that the Catholic Order of Christian Funerals (OCF) makes only one mention of a "eulogy"--and there it outright forbids them, even warning that homilies are to be kept free from the eulogistic style.
The essays themselves are eulogistic in nature and often describe Lewis as a friend in spite of the fact that the vast majority of the writers never actually knew him in person.
The colter reference appears in the Duke of Burgundy's eulogistic entreaty to the warring Kings of England and France.
51) Exile, in this eulogistic narrative, is a short-lived phase, a time for opening the mind and training the spirit, a rigorous finishing school for young royals.
Descriptive words can be dyslogistic (negative), eulogistic (positive), or neutral.
Taken as a whole, his body of work--descriptive not prescriptive, judicial not categorical, diagnostic not eulogistic or dyslogistic--constitutes an extraordinarily sustained act of critical restraint.
For her generation to be so uncharacteristically eulogistic means that Jaguar really have banged the button with the XF.