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So I find it extraordinary that your reviewer should eulogize its acoustic performance ('calm is emphasized by silence', p48) before the building has been inhabited ('It awaits its users', p48).
SUNA learned that the ceremony will witness speeches to eulogize the late Meles Zenawi to be given by officials and people's leaders and ambassadors who worked in Ethiopia, besides the Ambassador of Ethiopia to Sudan.
Carl Sandburg Award-winning poet Sterling Plumpp hollers blues onto each page of text, fashioning work songs from the mouths of kin to eulogize ancestors into a final living space in the reader's imagination.
Knowing the answer, we surely must bow our heads in sorrow and beg for mercy, not eulogize a man whose sins were so public, devastating, and lethal.
These are the people who meet and eulogize chief minister and get benefits and later descend upon personal attacks," he observed.
Prime Minister John Howard, with his ear always close to the ground of nonelitist Aussie public opinion, was quick to eulogize the croc hunter as a ``passionate environmentalist who cared passionately about Australia.
Which is apt, for their collaborations at once fetishize and eulogize male-bonding: presenting a movie-myth universe where killer and cop will inevitably discover they are blood brothers, secret sharers.
Only Pegleg remains to eulogize the art of theater in a final song about his rose garden.