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Luvitch discovered that the order was issued by the city's chief rabbi and her lawyers took the matter to Israel's rabbinical court, where Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger ruled that women are allowed to eulogize and participate in funerals, further saying that this is the practice in many cities.
Knowing the answer, we surely must bow our heads in sorrow and beg for mercy, not eulogize a man whose sins were so public, devastating, and lethal.
Its aim was to condemn or to eulogize an individual, a cause, occasion, movement, city, or state.
Prime Minister John Howard, with his ear always close to the ground of nonelitist Aussie public opinion, was quick to eulogize the croc hunter as a ``passionate environmentalist who cared passionately about Australia.
Which is apt, for their collaborations at once fetishize and eulogize male-bonding: presenting a movie-myth universe where killer and cop will inevitably discover they are blood brothers, secret sharers.
Only Pegleg remains to eulogize the art of theater in a final song about his rose garden.
A variety of talking heads don't exactly eulogize Wasserman, but few dare to be very critical.
Where Kate is selected to eulogize her newly deceased grandfather (played by Rip Torn), her assembled relatives (among them Hank Azaria, Ray Romano, Kelly Preston and Debra Winger) ignore the business at hand to engage in a dysfunction derby.
RAWALPINDI -- On the occasion of Pakistan's Defence Day, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has released a special song to pay tribute to the armed forces and eulogize the sacrifices they rendered for the motherland.
These are the people who meet and eulogize chief minister and get benefits and later descend upon personal attacks," he observed.
Two new series eulogize the ``innocence'' of the '60s, while two others, incongruously, feature 21st-century adult characters propelled to the '80s, where they get to relive their high-school days.