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I vowed to tackle the foliage and thus make a million jokes about the out-of-control bush in my front garden (you know, as a euphemism).
But sadly, over the weekend - days after Katie, 40, was pictured people' on a date with 25-year-old Essex businessman Alex Adderson (above) - Kris announced the couple had split because they "both want different things" - quite possibly being a euphemism for "different people".
Euphemism, in this case, one could say, serves a useful purpose in advertisers' domains to motivate the audience to consumption.
Trustee Jeffrey Berman echoed Stilling, saying, "TOD has been used as an euphemism for give me more density and I object strenuously, as Mr.
They just don't like them living next door Entertainer Julian Clary It feels namby pamby to reduce the end of life to a forgotten answer on Mastermind Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth objects to the euphemism "pass" to announce someone's death
As happens in other languages, euphemism is used to facilitate communication in Ekegusii.
The book has two parts: one theoretical ("Metaphor, Euphemism and Dysphemism") and one empirical ("Sex-Related Metaphors in Internet Forums").
Where is the euphemism?" A college friend used to ask this question to point out the silliness of calling a toilet a bathroom.
What a quaint little euphemism for having too much to drink.
Such words are often expressed in language indirectly by means of a euphemism, "sweet talking," (2) an elaborate and inclusive definition of which is "an alternative to a dispre-ferred expression, in order to avoid possible loss of face: either one's own face or, through giving offense, that of the audience, or of some third party." (3)
Will the "Liverpool Care Pathway", or more correctly the "Lack of Care Pathway", become commonplace when in fact it is euthanasia which in itself is yet another euphemism for killing?