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Findings from her work reveal that Ekegusii euphemism has several conceptual metaphors for death and as a result one could reason about the dead, the dying or death using knowledge of something else.
One important way of doing this is to explore or challenge patients' use of euphemism, ft is more helpful, and in that way kinder, to help a patient discover what the bland, vague, or overly sunny surface of his story is disguising.
This euphemism was used to try to hide the fact that George Brown, the Labour Foreign Secretary in the 1960s, was in such a permanent state of intoxication that he once invited the papal nuncio to dance with him thinking he was a woman.
Such words are often expressed in language indirectly by means of a euphemism, "sweet talking," (2) an elaborate and inclusive definition of which is "an alternative to a dispre-ferred expression, in order to avoid possible loss of face: either one's own face or, through giving offense, that of the audience, or of some third party.
WE have been treated to some sickening euphemisms in the last decade or so, such as "ethnic cleansing" for genocide, "friendly fire" for fatal negligence by ones allies, "collateral damage" for premeditated killing of civilians and "rendition" for handing over suspects to regimes where torture is commonplace.
Euphemism is "a lexical substitution strategy for representationally displacing topics that evoke negative affect", its aim being to reduce "the communicative discomfort associated with a distasteful topic" (McGlone, Beck and Pfiester 2006: 261-63).
In the days of ancient Rome, the word for the male sex organ was so shocking that citizens used the euphemism "penis," a word from Latin that meant "small tail," according to Keyes' book.
A bully who formerly used the word retarded as a term of scorn can just as easily use the euphemism differently abled as a term of scorn by using a malicious tone of voice.
Which euphemism is used to describe actors when they are out of work?
The same reasons that lead speakers to replace a given word with a euphemism remain in force and lead a later generation to think of a new euphemism.
A certain well-known chain has a great euphemism for the guy at the door who, as you leave the store, makes sure that you're not slipping out with their merchandise under your coat: the exit greeter.
In the Obama administration, it said, the appropriate euphemism is "Overseas Contingency Operation.