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Sexual behaviour is an area ripe with with euphemisms.
The layout is very much that of a true dictionary, with a word printed in bold type followed by a translation and more often than not a quote from a noted journal or magazine where the euphemism has been used.
And they make up one of the biggest sections in a new book of euphemisms called How Not To Say What You Mean.
Kent Linville, Professor at Oxford College of Emory University, referred to euphemisms as "linguistic fig leaves.
ON my final Capital Radio show last week, I got a bit demob happy, and asked my gentlemen listeners to send in charming euphemisms that they use to describe their private parts.
There are those who say that euphemisms date from the times when modest language was more politically correct than it is today--like "limbs" for "legs," especially for women, or "male cow" for "bull.
TVA: The First Twenty Years (1956), an official history written by agency staffers, describes the massive dislocations that accompanied the TVA's growth with euphemisms worthy of the Pentagon: "Since the owner knows he has to relocate in most cases, early payment makes him more willing to sell voluntarily.
But if Nouvel's expression of justice seems simplistic, his refusal to deal in euphemisms has something admirable about it.
Rigby charged that charitable choice is the "latest in a long line of euphemisms meant to disguise the fact that we are dismantling the social safety net that was once called welfare.
I thought of a few more euphemisms, but to avoid the risk of being sued or upsetting anyone I'll keep them to myself.
The use of particular lexical items to refer to non-Jews introduces another semantic area where we find both euphemisms and dysphemisms.
Indeed, many PR-friendly terms for cost-cutting turn out not to be euphemisms so much as vague or esoteric.