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From this perspective, any linguistic unit or verbal strategy which tries to avoid conflict in interpersonal communication can be said to be euphemistic .
Euphemistic and Dysphemistic Metaphors in Internet Forums addresses the ever-fascinating topic of the expression of sexual concepts.
When such distancing, euphemistic language is used to sanitize abortion it can be hard to "connect the idea of pregnancy with actually having a baby.
Sex in Language: Euphemistic and Dysphemistic Metaphors in Internet Forums
So, our anti-imperialist war in defense of the First Philippine Republic, which Mark Twain earnestly supported, was dismissed as a mere "insurrection" against the USA and obliterated from official accounts of the "development of the Philippine Islands and the Filipino people," a euphemistic phrase in the preface of Fernandez's textbook, A Brief History of the Philippines.
The press, forbidden from using the 'h' word in their copy, instead used a series of euphemistic phrases and regular references to Griffiths' 'flamboyance' to describe a man who, away from the ring, could wax lyrical about Jackie Kennedy's latest pillbox hat.
We then provide errata to three of the papers published in our last issue, which resulted from a combination of deadline near-misses and that euphemistic catch-all, 'technical issues' (i.
The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) have been dealing with what can only be described as laundered language or, better still, euphemistic language such as "a woman's right to choose".
This even though many of them prescribe what are actually supplements, but prescribed under euphemistic terms such as salt substitutes, sodium-free baking powder, ORT salts (oral rehydration therapy for diarrhea), polarizing solutions, GIK (glucose, insulin, potassium) salts, vegetables, or glucosamine.
The government classifies 78% of this arable land under the euphemistic "spontaneous pastures" label, while the rest--barely 3% of the total--is used as croplands.
Not as big as the whopping streak of red wine it's left right down Test cricket's clean whites, for example - but this week's news that two of Turkey's biggest clubs, Besiktas and Fenerbahce, have been banned from European competition because of euphemistic 'irregularities' shows that footy is not beyond reproach.