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No fancy seats for the workshy we can treat them like cattle eh, and will they be required to have the euphemistically named shower after arrival?
As the 2 freeway feeds into Echo Park, there is a mural of Mickey Rourke, the talented actor whose career has been shadowed by what is euphemistically called, "erratic behavior.
Ahmadinejad who entered Dushanbe yesterday told that some effective and critical charges are going to come into appearance in the international scenario and all over the world; therefore, holding the SCO summit with Iran presence can be interpreted euphemistically.
By and large, their arguments centred on what they euphemistically call "the right to life".
I rather suspect things have also got a little worse at the tripe and onions end of the market, which would explain why the third estate are flocking in their droves to what are now euphemistically referred to as the "Continental Grocers"--deep discounters to you and me, who seem enamoured of the type of "you'll get what you get when we see fit" service that has given the land of their birth its colourful political history.
But the latest study indicated that the native population of the oil-rich Gulf Arab country was steadily dwindling as more foreigners flocked to the UAE, amid a spectacular economic boom and what was euphemistically knows as the "demographic imbalance".
Congress is debating a resolution to seek Tokyo's apology for the women, mostly from the Korean Peninsula and known euphemistically as ''comfort women.
That kind of endorsement should have been enough for members of Congress to reject the idea, but they approved the measure and, in so doing, moved our nation a giant step toward immersion into regional and then global governance--government run by unelected elitists like those of the European Union--that is euphemistically known as the "new world order.
Over the past few years, just off the top of my head, I can think of Anna-Marie Holmes from Boston Ballet, Ben Stevenson from Houston Ballet, Martin Fredmann from Colorado Ballet, Alison Chase from Pilobolus, all of whom have, euphemistically, been "let go.
The proposal for a business park in Ingleby Barwick by Nunthorpe Nurseries, euphemistically called "The Eco Park" is now close to committee stage at the planning department of Stockton Borough Council.
On the domestic front, Democrats still don't get Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, which teaches the superiority of free markets to government-regulated markets euphemistically styled "industrialization policy" or otherwise.
Pointless in the extreme, this exercise in chubby voyeurism kept euphemistically referring to its stars as "plus-sized models".