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Afterwards, she points out that Swetnam at one point tells his readers to "shunne idlenesse" and yet his Euphuistic opening presents The Araignment as the product of his own idle moment (40).
Toole then describes the Euphuistic style, suggests how Lyly probably developed the technique, and enumerates reasons the style was so fashionable for a time until Shakespeare and others--including Lyly himself--began to satirize the form.
Euphuism, therefore, was the ideal verbal vehicle for conversation, and the Euphuistic ladies of Lyly's dramas were particularly representative of the upper-class women of the age" (32).
Rose, the play is written in blank verse rather than euphuistic prose
late sixteenth-century affectation of the euphuistic style in polite
Alliteration of initial sounds or syllables is frequently accompanied by medial or final alliterations that either echo the initial groupings or establish new linkages, thereby creating a harmonious acoustic environment, a rich choir of sound, that prevents the strong initial alliterations, especially when they involve close adjective-noun pairings, from overpowering the sense (as they might do in euphuistic prose) or interfering with some other device, such as a lexical or figurative one.