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That would have been more than enough time to get everything out if we had been allowed more time before being forced to evacuate.
A prearranged MOU might allow the nursing home to house burn victims for a few hours in the facility while emergency medical personnel from a nearby hospital perform triage; in exchange, the nursing home would ask the hospital to provide similar coverage if disaster made it necessary to evacuate the SNF.
They rushed to the facility and, despite a lack of protective gear, entered the building to locate and evacuate residents.
On Tuesday, Homs Governor, Talal al-Barazi said that new groups of children, women and the elderly will be evacuated from the Old City of Homs on Wednesday in accordance with the agreement made with the UN Resident representative in Syria Jacob al-Hilo to evacuate the civilians.
He said: "The alarms went off and we were told by the fire brigade to evacuate at 4.
The pilot promptly decided to evacuate all 298 passengers on board using the emergency slides.
Police sealed off the entrance to the estate, only allowing in key holders to evacuate their premises and then leave.
We weren't told to close up or evacuate although we are quite near the city centre.
US officials ordered people to evacuate the Florida Keys and were considering evacuating the 1,000 US citizens in Grenada last night.
She said that at that stage it had not been thought necessary to evacuate the nursing home at Llanrhaeadr Hall, some distance away.
Each person needing to evacuate is equipped with a personal rescue harness, which attaches easily and securely to the free end of the rolled cable.