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Jain also thanked Pakistan for evacuating Indians from the war-torn Arab country.
He stressed the governorate's keenness on evacuating all civilians, who want to leave, and bringing them to safe areas, adding that the evacuation process has ended today but the Governorate will discuss extending it with the UN mission if there is a need.
He told them there was a couple in a pickup truck willing to drive them three blocks to some tour buses that were evacuating people to Baton Rouge.
US officials ordered people to evacuate the Florida Keys and were also considering evacuating 1, 000 US citizens in Grenada.
That question has been addressed in an exceptionally efficient manner with the development of the SafirRosetti ResQline, a unique evacuation device that can provide a safe and cost-effective solution to evacuating large numbers of people quickly from even the tallest of buildings.
We have made considerable progress in evacuating patients, employees and community members stranded in several of our New Orleans hospitals since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc last weekend.
According to Foreign Office, the preparations for evacuating Pakistanis from Yemen have been completed and all the Pakistanis will be evacuated within next 24 hours.
Homs Governor discusses with UN Resident Representative means of evacuating more civilians In a relevant context, Barazi discussed with the UN Resident Representative in Syria Yacoub al-Hillo the possibility of evacuating more children, women and elderly people besieged in neighborhoods of Homs old city.