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He made a headlong rush at me, which I evaded, and said--
After separating from his judicious Bostonian he rather evaded Mrs.
By ceaseless vigilance and indefatigable patience, she evaded further open rupture until the boy was three years old.
Bucket with his forefinger and his confidential manner, impossible to be evaded or declined, persuade him that he is a party to some dangerous secret without knowing what it is.
Winterbourne turned with a protesting smile to her mother, but this lady evaded his glance, and, seating herself, fixed her eyes upon her son.
Thinkest thou that the laws of the King of England are to be so evaded by one poor knave without friends or money?
He remembered how carefully and at what length everything relating to form and procedure was discussed at those meetings, and how sedulously and promptly all that related to the gist of the business was evaded.
I would have been no true Mezop had I evaded my plain duty; but it was a pleasure in this instance for I like you.
He evaded a sentinel, passed the out-guard and support, and by devious ways came again to Colonel Capell's headquarters, where he appeared before the officers gathered there as a disembodied spirit materializing out of thin air.
All during the trip Billings had steadfastly evaded questions as to how we were to enter Caspak after we had found Caprona.
And, while light feet danced and bright eyes laughed and merry tongues chattered, there came a summons to a soul in Avonlea that might not be disregarded or evaded.
At first he had also made some way with Rosa; not, indeed, in her affections, but inasmuch as, by talking to her of marriage and of love, he had evaded all the suspicions which he might otherwise have excited.