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A circular issued by the board said that the move was in line with the Finance Act 2019, and would help choke out the remaining tax evaders in the country.
Governor Ducey launched the Deadbeat Parent Initiative in 2016 to hold child support evaders accountable.
"During the search, it was detected that the tax evader has been given the illegal benefit of Rs 60 crore by J&K Bank.
To further strengthen the government's campaign against smugglers and tax evaders, Dominguez said the BIR and BOC are implementing their own initiatives.For one, he said the BOC, with the guidance of the DOF's Revenue Operations Group, is fasttracking the completion of the implementing rules and regulations of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act this year.
'Right now, we have not caught all the tax evaders, but we caught the biggest one, okay,' Dominguez said in a news briefing at Malacanang Palace.
In the first category, the current research focuses on the evader-attacker-defender scenario (an evader, a pursuer, and a defender), which means that the evading aircraft carries a defensive missile (defender) by itself, and the evader acts as a lure and the defender acts as an interception to cope with the incoming interceptor together.
Claiming to have a "smart TV" so smart it can function without a TV licence was just one of the many ludicrous - and quite frankly, flawed - excuses TV licensing received when hunting for evaders this year.
Define E = {[E.sub.1], [E.sub.2], [E.sub.m]} as a set of evaders, where [E.sub.i] is represented by four elements [E.sub.i] = <[P.sub.e], [T.sub.e], [C.sub.e], [R.sub.e]>, where [P.sub.e] indicates the position of the evaders, represented by ([e.sub.x], [e.sub.y]); [T.sub.e] = {[t.sub.i] | i = 1,2, ...} is the type's set of the evader, which may have various types; set [C.sub.e] = {[c.sub.i] | [T.sub.e] = [t.sub.i], i = 1,2, ...} indicates the capability of each evader needed.
"We are all excited to have a person of such experience and background helping us turn Evader into a world leader," said Evader president Julio Almeida.
'The TV is to keep the cat warm - we don't watch it' - licence evader, Carmarthen
He lauded the work of Commissioner Kim Henares who is known for regularly filing cases against alleged tax evaders.
According to Evader, Almeida has served as president of the company's Latin American Division for the past two years, helping establish a successful sales and distribution network in the region.