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He also expressed confidence the Department of Finance is working on a list of big-time tax evaders it would run after.
Weve closed old disclosure facilities, increased penalties, and ramped up our powers to tackle evaders and those that help others evade - the days of any safe havens for tax evaders are numbered.
Obviously, the Evader and the Defender are on one side, the Pursuer is on the other side.
States with maximum evaders State- Number of defaulters Gujarat- 17 Telangana- 14 Maharashtra- 11 Others- 7 Total 49 Major evaders from Gujarat Name of defaulter- Tax arrears (in Rs cr) Individuals Indravadan V Darbar- 27.
FBR has not been able to act against any of those tax evaders who, according to FBR itself, owned more than one house, had luxurious cars, they and their kids frequently travel abroad, study in foreign universities, use credit cards and operate bank accounts but had no NTN numbers, said the KCCI chief.
Legal experts have commented that the amount of money held by Bulgarian tax evaders in banks in Liechtenstein and Switzerland is huge is comparison with those 1500 Germans, who were reveled to be hiding taxes for about EUR 100 M in Switzerland.
As it takes over four years to train new inspectors, any benefit will not be achieved until after 2015 - by which time the evaders would have found new and cunning ways to hide their cash.
Calling tax evaders 'leeches on society', Osborne said: 'My message to those who try to hide their incomes from the Revenue (British tax authority) in offshore bank accounts and false declarations is simple: We will find you and your money.
Another 1,600 evaders were caught in Sandwell along with 870 in Walsall, 410 in Dudley and 270 in Tamworth.
Emphasizing the need for better global cooperation to track down tax evaders taking shelter in other countries, Patil said: "Undoubtedly the fostering of an environment of voluntary compliance will help, there is also need for putting in place measures, through laws and procedures, to ensure that recalcitrant tax evaders are brought to book.
Across the UK, almost 4,000 more licence fee evaders were caught in 2009 compared with 2008.
6m) from fines on toll evaders in 2008, spokeswoman Ingrid Partl said on Monday.