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We are urging evaders to buy a licence before they get caught.
Contact: Roger Kelly, Evader, phone 425-688-3007, e-mail rkelly@evader.
TV Licensing has pledged a crackdown on local licence fee evaders during the Games which start today.
A post office spokeswoman said: "We are working closely with RTE to ensure more and more evaders will be caught and we now have sufficient TV licence inspectors.
Armchair sports fans should therefore take note - this spring we will be targeting licence evaders during major sporting events such as the FA Cup' We are increasingly successful at catching evaders and this is a warning to anyone who thinks they can get away with it.
Mary Thomas has produced a nail-biter in telling the story of her brother's six months as an evader in enemy territory.
Moneylenders formed the worst group of income tax evaders with an average 38.
OTC:EVDR), the maker of electric high-performance vehicles powered by their leading-edge proprietary technology announced that the first shipments of specially ordered Evader 100's have arrived at SAM'S Club (www.
Earlier in the week the Bulgaria's revenue agency chief said a stolen disk of Swiss banking data bought by Germany has revealed that Bulgarian tax evaders held about EUR 200 M in banks in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.
The cities with the highest number of evaders were London (19,260) followed by Glasgow (11,941) and Birmingham (4,831).
Almost one in four of the evaders - 21,715 - were nabbed in Glasgow.
Nationally the figure was 413,000, according to TV Licensing, with the number of evaders increasing by 20,000 since 2006.